italian taste
Genuine and handmade quality,
made in Italy.
Research, development
of new natural products
and qualitative selections
of raw materials.
More than
25 years
in the field of

Ma.Ma S.r.l.

was born from the idea of a group of entrepreneurs with more than 25 years of productive experience in the field of "food supplements".

Research, development of new natural products, qualitative selection of raw materials are the basis that have allowed the thinking and realization of excellent products "made in Italy", a worldwide distinctive symbol of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The aim of Ma.Ma is to offer to the consumer a product that can STRIKE A CHORD by enhancing some characteristics such as "taste", "colours", "wholesomeness" emphasized by a handmade productive process.

Therefore, Ma.Ma has chosen to offer its products only to those companies which have, as part of their mission, the aim of making their clients feel an emotion.

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